Circular knitting machine

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Our machine adopts closed tracks and wide needle butt cam design, equipped with knit cam , tuck cam and miss cam , central adjustment device (all body size cam box structure), induce the convenience of adjusting fabric density, fast. Along with different cylinder gauge, easy to change more suitable for knitting fabric market demand in variety high quality and covered with silk, colored strip fabric, terylene and cotton blend, single/double be added fabric, pique fabric and etc. Also this machine can knit varied mesh fabric, foulard, single fleece, twill, and 2 end fleece will herringbone, pique fabric with tracks, equipping additional elastic yarn feeding device (elastane roller) can produce elastic single jersey. If conversion kit is equipped, it may convert into 3-tread fleece machine, especially suitable for colored strip fabric because of number feeders. Single kitting machine, terry knitting machine and fleece knitting machine can be interchanged only by replacing some components to meet different demands.

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