Computer automatic flat knitting machine:

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From computer system, there are two types of flat knitting machine. One is single system, the other one is double system. Both can be knitted sweater, hat, scarf.

First one is single system:

The cam structure optimization, used the motor model, greatly improved the speed of needle transfer.

Small carriage, can return fast, improved work efficiency

Cooperating the yarn storage improved the flatness of fabric.

Needle plate adopts the milling flute method with simple structure, it can sustain high efficiency working after heat treatment.


Second one is double system:

The fast cornering of carriage . Superior servo drive assembly makes the fast cornering of carriage came true, improved the efficiency of kitting more than 10%

 Well-designed angle of needle bed tooth mouth to ensure rapid automatically falling of fabrics.

Duplex table technique of thick needle, fulfilling double distance and expanding table scope significantly.

 Triangle baseboard, adopting precise forging materials with the most superior quality, some are produced by Taiwan manufacturer according to our brand new design program with optimized degree of surface pressure, making surface of fabrics more even, density more proper and kitting more smooth.



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